The Annoying Stranger

i hate when a stranger add me and ask to chat with him/her. they said ' leyh kenal x'.. actually, when they opened my profile, they can see my name brightly, and it's also has been blacken.. isn't that true? gosh.. so annoying.. they add me, and they don't know me, when they wanna know me, they acting like pig... WTF!! and one more thing,(this is for the STRANGER) if u don't know how to spell, just go back to preschool ok. u see what did they typing, they type ' hye Leyh knal x? nmew awk spew? awk dowk tat new?'.. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? urgh..either my little brother can type so well.. gosh.. i really wanna throw shit on their piggy faces.=,=

sorry for my borken english. actually, i'm not good at speaking english. this is just because i'm really really mad like ****!! that's why, i'm using english language. using malay language is kinda ..... well.... i don't know how to say..
sorry because it was too long for u too read. =,=
i just wanna to release my tension....


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