I'm E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends)

Hey there!! I'm an E.L.F.. U know what is the meaning of E.L.F?? the meaning is Ever Lasting Friends... E.LF is name for Super Junior fans... I really really love Super Junior because all of them are very funny, lovable, adorable, cute, handsome, nice voice and other.... Super Junior was very popular in South Korea... They were 13 members in Super Junior... But in 2010, that is in this year, they only have 10 members when their new debut song was out... This is because Hankyung (Hangeng) has end his contract, and he goes back to Beijing, China.. Kibum was busy with his acting, and Kangin was going to army... hmm... i'm so sad when heard that they gonna be separated.... i really really hope they can be 13 together forever.... In Super Junior, the most i like is Lee Sungmin... i choose him cause he is so cute, adorable like puppy,, hehe^^ , handsome, loveable and has a very nice and cute voice.... Super Junior's song that i really really like is no other,, this is because the song showed some happiness..... i love happiness.... Super Junior, for me, u are 13 always in my heart!! SUPER JUNIOR HWAITING!!! ♥♥♥♥


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