Dedicated to all the dongsaengs ^^

haii hoooo herr hello huahahaha..
so, i would like to say "Good Luck" for my juniors in SMK Seri Kota Puteri, especially Nikita..
She's having an important exam this year (SPM)..
and ofcourse to other dongsaengs, keep your hard work on studying cuz your future depends on how well are u, how excellent are you..
i finally realize studying is very important for all people in the world to gain smthing special for their lives..
yeah, i totally regret for not studying too hard when comes up to spm trial exam, and i got D in chemist instead..
yeah i blame myself cuz i hate chemist lol xD
but it's the past.. now i just need to pray for a great mark for my chemist and i hope i get at least B or A- for chemist..

"What about other subjects?"
well, other subjects seems that no need to worry but there's this one subject.. well "you know what"...
lol xD
pffftt it's "add math" u faggots.. duhh..
anyway, i'll try my best to keep studying while waiting for spm results..
seems that my brain is malfunctioning and i keeps forget some stuffs geez ...

So, yeah..
for the dongsaengs out there..
If you want to achieve your dreams, you want to become smthing amazing,
all you need is "Knowledge"...
Good Luck for studying and all the best!



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